Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Upcycle your closet!


With fashion and trends changing with every season, it's near impossible to keep up on all of them and keep your closet and wallet happy. One of my favorite things is making over my un-worn clothes and turning them into something fabulous! Here are a few of my favorite makeovers I found while browsing the internet:
I looovee how she used and old sweater to make an adorable turban style headband! These give such and effortless chic look to any outfit. Instructions here.

Who doesn't love an open back for summer? This website is in Spanish, however she provides plenty of pictures to help you out. 

And my favorite Tshirt makeover! Perfect for older shirts that run a bit snug now! Trash To Couture has endless ideas on upcycling your old clothes.

                        Do you have any ways to makeover old clothes? 

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