Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to School Bucketlist: 5 Things to do before summer ends

Ah, August. The bittersweet month of limbo between long, carefree days and anticipating returning to school as a fresh, new person! Back to school was always, in my mind, a fresh start and new chance to "find" myself. Here are some things to get done before leaving for college in a new town (or the same!) and making this summer the most memorable yet!

1. Find yourself: Now, of course there are many years ahead to find yourself, but I'm speaking small here. Try a new hobby (yoga, cooking, photography) or rekindle your passion for an old one. There are sure to be  classes/clubs all over your new town to check out. The best way to meet and bond with new people is over a shared passion.
      Sticking with the same group of friends this school year? A hobby all for yourself will set you apart from everyone else and help broaden your circle. I wish I had my own niche in high school; with all the dances, games, parties, etc, there's no time for alone time! Always make that a priority!

2. Say Sorry: We all know the lovely high school drama. Well, that's exactly it: high school drama. There's nothing worse than starting a new school year (and possibly new town) with the "what if's?". What if.... you had called Amy and invited her to lunch before she moved? or invited Lisa to that party before school?
     Be the bigger person and try to resolve whatever issues had come up before. You'll feel better going into September with good scores all around. Also, it will say a lot about your character to be the one to apologize  first. Remember, six months down the road you may regret not talking to certain friends!

3. Learn How to Drive Stick Shift! Okay, so this is something I think you should do whether your'e going back to school or not. Call a buddy who can teach you and ask for an afternoon lesson. You never know what circumstance your'e going to be in in a new town; if stick shift is your only option, you'll be thankful you learned! Bonus points: everyone digs a girl who can drive a manual!

4. Hang Out With Your Parents:  No matter how old you are, this is one you'll never regret! Come September, your'e going to be one busy bee and one day break down while saying to yourself, "I want my mommy!" (At 24, this still happens to me. I've come to accept it never goes away!) Invite mom shopping or take dad to see that new movie. Those few hours won't cut into your social life, but will mean more to them than you realize.

5. Set Goals: Like I said, fall has always given me "fresh start" vibes, even more than New Years itself! Maybe it's the back-to-school mood everyone seems to fall into, or maybe it's the Betty Homemaker mood I seem to fall into. Either way, I always make a few small goals for myself every school year. They range from being a better student to getting better about saving money. Because nobody's perfect, we all have areas we can improve. Having a few, small goals is a way to constantly help us become better, more well rounded people.

                  Do you have any Back to School Bucketlist goals (that's a mouthful)? What are your biggest worries/excitements about starting school this year? 


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