Thursday, August 9, 2012

Beauty Bit: Lush's Solid Shampoo Conditioner Reviews

"These look like hokey pucks" I thought as I sniffed the selection of solid shampoos and conditioners and LUSH. If your'e like me, LUSH makes you fell warm inside and nostalgic of a kid in a candy store. If your'e also like me, your LUSH experience is 3+ hours away and usually ends up via scrolling through the website (which, I suppose helps with impulse buys). For a while I was so intrigued by the hokey puck hair products but never actually tried them. About a year ago, while visiting family in Santa Barbara, I forgot to pack my hair products and ,oh darn, had to test the ones out at LUSH! Well, being a year ago, I've gotten the chance to try out a few of their solid products and finally narrowed it down to my top shampoo and conditioner:

                              Godiva Shampoo:
GodivaThis yellow puck is the best squeaky clean shampoo I've yet to try. You wet your hair and rub this around your head a few times until you feel a small lather. First impression: BOOM! Instant jasmine infused hair, and who doesn't love that? This product makes my hair feel so clean that I've taken to only using it about once a week* so the natural oils have a chance to replenish my hair. The scent stays well enough to get random bursts of jasmine throughout the day, but not too much that it smells like you crashed into the plant itself. Another bonus of this shampoo is the va-va- volume it gives my hair!

Jungle  Jungle Conditioner:

While the green little disk may not look like much, it is a great instant hair softening product. The scent is pleasant and natural; not a floral or fruity smell that may make others step way from you. My first expericance with Jungle was odd: while applying it on wet hair it felt terrible! I thought "Yuck, my hair is going to fell worse than before". I figured the more product I apply, the better. How wrong I was! The directions suggest rubbing the bar about three times on your head, and trust me, three times is enough. It wont' feel like it though, and you will be tempted to put more. It wasn't until my hair dried that  I realized I looked like a big, greasy mess! 

Back in the shower I went, this time following directions (all the while still doubting them). Fast forward to dry hair and I was amazed! A year later this is my go-to hair softner.

Have you tried these or any other solid hair products from LUSH? Leave your recommendations below! 

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