Sunday, August 19, 2012

Crafts to "DIY" For: Chalkboard Wine Glasses

Here's an easy way to spruce up some boring wine glasses. You can personalize them in way that's a bit more fun than the same wine charms we've all seen before. I happened to make 20 of these little guys for my mister's restaurant. In about an hours' time I managed to make these great little conversation starters:

-Chalkboard paint. I opted for spray paint because, well it's always much cheaper!
-Basic sticky labels. These probably are already laying around your house somewhere, but if not they're pretty inexpensive 
-Chalk! The colored pack seemed a bit more fun than the white.
-String of some sort. I happened to have some hemp leftover from the bridal shower invitations.

Step 1: Spray your labels according to directions. Let dry.
Step 2: Apply labels to glasses
Step 3: Attach chalk

Okay, how easy were these?! I think these would also make for great gifts around the holidays given as a set. If you're not 21, these are still a great idea and the possibilities are endless. Or a great icebreaker for your next party! And the plus side, I have a whole can of chalkboard paint and an almost full pack of labels. I may or may not go on a small "chalkboard everything  I can get my hands on" frenzy! 

Do you have any creative ways to use chalkboard paint? Would you use this method for wine (or any) glasses? 

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